Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some New York Firsts


...Trip to H&M: I had heard of the wonderfulness of H&M many times before from my roommate Sarah. It would normally go like this (especially freshmen year):
me: That's a cute top, where did you get that?
Sarah: H&M

two weeks later

me: Oooh, I like that outfit, especially your (insert clothing item here) where did you get that?
Sarah: H&M

repeat occasionally for two and half years
So Thursday new friend Rebecca and I went there and I bought a new blazer/jacket (I've now come to the conclusion that I am addicted to blazer/jackets; I have 6 here and more at home). My newest one is hunter green, that fits fantastically. As seen below:

Since the picture is so conveniently here, this is a perfect moment for another first...

...Shakespeare play on Broadway

I almost didn't go, not because I didn't want to, I had trouble sleeping the night before and could get to sleep until around 4 a.m. We had intended to leave at about 9 a.m. to try and get matinee tickets. I told Brian there's no way I could be awake for the show even if we did get the student rush tickets. He said he would go by himself and let me sleep and if he got the tickets then I would have an additional 3-4 hours to sleep. Brian's a good guy. Thankfully that's exactly what happened.

The show was amazing! This was the first time I'd seen Shakespeare performed by someone other than a student, whether it be college or high school. So with it being on Broadway it had professional actors and a HUGE budget.

But the most anticipated aspect of seeing MacBeth was to see Patrick Stewart play MacBeth. Yes, Captain Picard, Professor X. My favorite bald actor, (I think I can say that safely), Patrick Stewart. And did he deliver! He did an amazing job. He was very expressive in a very appropriate Shakespeare way. The rest of the cast also did a great job. The set, props, costumes, images projected on the set's walls, etc. were all top shelf.

It's limited-time show and will only be on Broadway for another two weeks (the 24th). I was so glad I saw it. As a side note I think my accolades for it at work has persuaded my boss Ahmad Corbitt to see it, I know he's interested at least.

Speaking of work, this leads me to another first...

...United Nations Meeting

Wednesday and Friday I attended a combined 3 meetings at the UN. With official badge clipped on (with the best ID picture I've had in ages) I am able to walk almost wherever I want. The Shumways, who are on assignment from Salt Lake basically to attend the UN and establish relationships with Ambassadors, showed me around the UN including the General Assembly, the Security Council, ECOSOC and the other meeting places for the remaining organs of the UN. Unfortunately, none of those councils were in session. But there's still time. Though to my and perhaps your surprise one of the best parts about going to the UN is eating at the UN Cafeteria. I would suggest you go but you can't go unless you have a badge. The cafeteria has a good variety of food choices (I chose chicken quesadilla on Wednesday and pulled pork on Friday) at a very reasonable price, but the best part is the East side of the cafeteria has floor to ceiling windows that look out on the East river. It's such a good combination.

Another good combination is pineapple and Canadian bacon which happens to be what I had on my first...

...New York slice

After Rebecca and I went to H&M and some other things we along with an intern from BYU-Idaho went to the "Hot and Crusty." What a great place, it wasn't fancy or anything but it had a good variety for pizza, lots of options for sandwiches, panini's or wraps, and tons of dessert options. And it wasn't crazy expensive! I was really pleased with my first New York Slice. It's quite good, although I'd say I'm more of a thick crust girl, I see some very good aspects of the thinner NY style; I'm a fan. Secondly, I was pleased to experience such a slice at a good price. My slice was $2.75! That's awesome, you can practically buy it with your change.

Which leads me to my final and perhaps most unique NYC first, my first...

...picky beggar?

Right outside of my subway stop on 125th and Broadway is a McDonald's. It's been convenient and cheap (gotta love the dollar menu) to have so close to home. So after leaving with my dinner tonight I came face to face with a beggar. Normally I do not give to beggars, but to the charities that help the homeless, but for whatever reason I decided I would give this man whatever change I had. I pull out my only change, a quarter, and extend it to the man. He says "I can't do anything with that," and turns away. I although somewhat confused as to what had just happened, put my quarter back and began walking. I still can't quite get my head around it.


Ronnie said...

I'm excited about everything. I hope you have an amazing weekend. I can't wait to here what you did!

Doug Funny said...

I've not dealt with beggars in NYC, but I have met plenty who are picky. It's that same principle that goes through your mind when you wonder if you should pick up a nickle off the ground...

Don't they have to pay for begging licenses in NYC?

The fact is that while at college I hung out with the homeless, and they really are looking for a way, more often than not, to get their next fix. Most of them lie and say they're hungry, but when you consider a quarter can buy you an ice cream at McDonalds but doesn't come close to buying a bottle of Jack, it makes perfect sense.

It reminds me of an 80s song I suddenly want to hear..."I know what I want, and I want it know...I want you, cause I'm mister Vain."

I'm enjoying your trip by proxy and rethinking a sortie that way when I get to Philly in June.

Lindsi Michelle said...

Glad everything is going so well! I'm super jealous of all the Broadway you're seeing. Tell Brian I say hi!

Whitney said...

I love H&M, too! That's the best story ever about the beggar. How funny!