Monday, July 30, 2007

Chicago and a little photography comparison

My hair has fallen back into place as I have now returned from my family vacation from the Windy City. Chicago is the biggest city I had ever been to and as much as I know that I am more of a city slicker than a country girl, upon driving into the city I cannot deny that I felt an ounce of intimidation and almost fear flow through me. But by the end of the week I really came to love Chicago and wouldn't mind working there for a few years after graduating.

The vacation was g
ood and extremely educational in any and all aspects possible. I learned loads about Chicago and it's background and tons of information from the Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum and The Art Institute of Chicago . But perhaps unreplicatably (new word!) I learned a lot about my family and my place in it.

I took dozens of pictures (12.67 dozen approximately.)
My favorite picture of the entire trip is of my family outside of the Adler Planetarium shown here on the right.

After looking at it a I
realized my photograph reminded me of a piece done by one of my favorite photography artists, Rodney Smith.

Funny huh? Skyscrapers, water, five people...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A new identifier para mi...blogger.

I've decided to get a blog. I haven't completely decided what this blog will encompass, but we'll see where the wind blows.

By mid-morning today I realized I was going against normal protocol for Omaha in July (HOT...more HUMID + hot). I ate hot oatmeal for breakfast, wore a sweater to my internship, and brought soup for lunch.

I know I go through phases where in the Summer time I can't wait to pull out my pea coat and beanie; similarly in the Winter I long for flip-flops. Well today I guess I just did it anyway I wore that sweater and ate my oatmeal. If only my coat wasn't still in Utah...yeah, take that summer.