Friday, May 16, 2008

Rachel Ray Owes Me...Big Time

So Thursday afternoon the Shumways and I were walking to Grand Central Station on our way back from the UN along 43rd Street. As I'm walking a step behind the Shumways, I see some glass falling right in front of us. I quickly said "Look out!" The Shumways and those who were walking the other direction as well stopped as glass came crashing down only a few feet in front of us.

We crossed the street to look at what had happened and just in case anymore glass was going to fall. It was evident that the glass came from a broken window pane on the 3rd floor.

What building housed this faulty, falling glass?

The Rachel Ray Show studio

I'm just glad I saw it, said something and that no one got hurt.


Ronnie said...

Oh Rachel Ray. I like the new picture for your blog.

Beckee and Wes said...

Yeah-Rachel Ray totally owes you!

We will beat you to Omaha I am sure! When do you go back? Probably just in time to go on a mission I assume?! We will be there June 22ish...