Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Make Lists: NYC Restaurants

Some of you may know, many of you do not know but I like to make lists. Some more odd than others. Of course I make To do lists but there are other odd ones, a couple being a list of all of the cars I've driven in my life and the airports I've been to. Most of the time I never share these lists, not to be secretive but I don't think anyone else would get any pleasure out of them. But I've decided to share one that is perhaps of greater interest to those who followed my NYC adventures and to anyone who may go there in the future.

I've bolded some of my favorites and ones I would say shouldn't be missed, if possible (sorry about the PRSA Silver Anvil Awards) and linked to previous posts if possible for more detail about my experience.



Harry’s Burrito (2)
Ollie’s (3 or 4)
Café Lalo
Carnegie Deli (4)
UN Cafeteria (3 or 4)
Dinosaur BBQ
The Little Place
Hot and Crusty
Francesco’s (2)
Italian Food Center (Little Italy)
Burrittoville (3)
Paula's Pizza (By Yankee Stadium) (2)
Galaxy Diner
Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Max Brenner
Dallas BBQ (2)
Applejack Diner
Famiglia’s (2)
Grey’s Papaya
Taste of Times Square
Mama Mexico
Carnegie Hall Catered Reception
PRSA Silver Anvil dinner
Tom’s Delicious Pizza
Stop 125
H&H Bagels
City Pie
City 75
Coney Island Vendors (First Funnel Cake!)
Majestic Deli Café
1050 Bar and Restaurant
Applebee’s in Times Square
Two Boots
Café Napoli (Little Italy)
Tom’s Restaurant
International House Cafeteria (?)
McDonald's (?)
O'Neal's Restaurant
The Shake Shack
Numerous Hot Dog, Shish Kabob Vendors


Buttercup Bake Shop (2)
Europan (3)
Gelato Shop Ferrara’s? (Little Italy)
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Caffe Palermo (Little Italy)
Pinkberry (3)
Magnolia Bakery
Numerous Pineapple, Italian Ice Vendors!

Almost every single place I ate was fantastic, the only one I would make a point to steer people away from and that was Stop 125.

Per the servers suggestion at Stop 125 I got a Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The Chicken was shredded with so much FAT, I couldn't tell what was fat and what was chicken! It was like a Russian Roulette with your taste buds and I quickly stopped playing the game. I just can't get my head around how the server would recommend that dish to me! I'll stop venting now.

What restaurants have you been to in New York on my list? What were your thoughts? Or any recommendations for the Mesa area, appropriate for a missionary?

Monday, July 14, 2008

O! What a Concert: Feist

The newspaper is a wonderful thing.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to the kitchen, poured myself a bowl of Honey Buzzers and searched for the newspaper. I realized that no one had gotten it from outside yet and delicately hopped across the recently wet pavement in my PJs. Delicately grabbed the partially drenched paper. Despite the drenched state of the day's headlines, I opened the paper and eyed the front page. In the left side column a select few words stood out: "Feist tonight...in Memorial Park."

Yes, it was Feist. Yes, it was free. I knew had an exciting Saturday evening planned.

My brother Stephen who had just gotten back from EFY came with me despite being quite exhausted from his week at EFY. I'm really glad he came because we had a lot of fun and although I would have gone by myself, but it was nice to have another fun concert we've attended as sibs under our belts.

The evening began with performance by "The Good Life" an Omaha band and Juana Molina from Argentina. Both were good, I was a bit more impressed with Molina though. Just as the sun fell behind the trees the main event began...

Feist was splendid! It was amazing to see her live. She is very good live, further proving she is a impressive vocal artist worthy of the previous Grammy nominations and Juno award she won.

Some of my favorite parts of the concert included when I left my exhausted brother in his lawn chair and went up to the front. By doing this I was able to better see the images projected on the screen. They had 1-2 girls who were manipulating the images projected on the screen, later revealed to be "shadow mistresses." (Just think of that listed on your passport, occupation: shadow mistress.) They had various cut-outs projecting birds or clouds, transparent colored fans and the coolest was when they had paint or pudding or some shape able semi-solid which one of the "shadow mistresses" manipulated to help tell the story of the song, "The Water."

Overall an overwhelming Tomoser thumbs-up. If you get a chance to see Feist I totally recommend doing so.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The ABC of Tomoser's Current Life

I have been absent from blogging for (it's sad to say) almost a month. I feel so awful about it, I really do. I've moved back from New York back to Omaha and started working again less than 72 hours after stepping foot on Omaha soil. So I am bringing back the "ABCs Tomoser's Current Life" to bring you up to speed, in a cryptic yet hopefully creative way.

Arizona, of course
Blogs, despite the fact that I haven't updated mine lately I've learned a lot from PR bloggers
Compilation Surveys, I just finished entering over 200 surveys for work and am about to go nuts
Dresser drawers, I don't have any available due to redecorating. So I'm living out of a suitcase
E-mail, my work e-mail was programmed with my first and last name spelled wrong
Finding items for the mission, slowly but surely; long skirts are in short supply in summer :(
Going on the mission in 54 days
Hugs, my youngest brother Erik, hugs me at least of eight times a day (I'm going to miss those)
Interested in pursuing social media PR as my career path after graduation
Julio's, my restaurant from last summer is overstaffed and couldn't take me back this summer
Kissed at work, on the forehead, for my knowledge and efficiency
Linked In, another social media site I've joined (my profile)
Mamma Mia! movie soundtrack, from mom. Meryl Streep can sing, Pierce Brosnan, not so much.
New York Times, an article that I provided information to the reporter was published
Omaha, home sweet home
Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. where I am interning again
Quick, this summer has flown by, the majority of the time
Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate a la Mousse au Chocolat, German chocolate treat for me
Shish kabobs, what we had for our BBQ on the 4th
Twitter, a social media outlet I'm now in love with (follow me at @stomoser)
Under the weather, I was sick for my first week back in Omaha
Wish I could spend more time with my friends outside of Omaha before I leave
X-rays, despite going to the dentist today I did not have an x-ray (no cavities, yea!)
Yankees, I had been a fan before, but after going to Yankee stadium I check the scores nightly
Zorinsky Lake, I biked around it for my bike's reunion after two months of being separated

(In same format) What are the initials of your name currently?
For Example: I'm SMT so,
Splinter, in my toe from walking the plank
Mayor, I was just appointed to be the Mayor of Mankato (it's the kitchen parts capital of the world)
Treetops, where I prefer to sleep

These were obviously made up, but I want to hear something true about what's current in your life using your initials.