Monday, July 14, 2008

O! What a Concert: Feist

The newspaper is a wonderful thing.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed to the kitchen, poured myself a bowl of Honey Buzzers and searched for the newspaper. I realized that no one had gotten it from outside yet and delicately hopped across the recently wet pavement in my PJs. Delicately grabbed the partially drenched paper. Despite the drenched state of the day's headlines, I opened the paper and eyed the front page. In the left side column a select few words stood out: "Feist Memorial Park."

Yes, it was Feist. Yes, it was free. I knew had an exciting Saturday evening planned.

My brother Stephen who had just gotten back from EFY came with me despite being quite exhausted from his week at EFY. I'm really glad he came because we had a lot of fun and although I would have gone by myself, but it was nice to have another fun concert we've attended as sibs under our belts.

The evening began with performance by "The Good Life" an Omaha band and Juana Molina from Argentina. Both were good, I was a bit more impressed with Molina though. Just as the sun fell behind the trees the main event began...

Feist was splendid! It was amazing to see her live. She is very good live, further proving she is a impressive vocal artist worthy of the previous Grammy nominations and Juno award she won.

Some of my favorite parts of the concert included when I left my exhausted brother in his lawn chair and went up to the front. By doing this I was able to better see the images projected on the screen. They had 1-2 girls who were manipulating the images projected on the screen, later revealed to be "shadow mistresses." (Just think of that listed on your passport, occupation: shadow mistress.) They had various cut-outs projecting birds or clouds, transparent colored fans and the coolest was when they had paint or pudding or some shape able semi-solid which one of the "shadow mistresses" manipulated to help tell the story of the song, "The Water."

Overall an overwhelming Tomoser thumbs-up. If you get a chance to see Feist I totally recommend doing so.


Ronnie said...

Feist and the Good Life! What an awesome concert. I'll have to check that other band out. Thanks for the blog.

Bryce said...

Be it known that I have laughed several times today - as has Jeff - at the Shadow Mistresses thing. Bless you forever.

Dan Cummings said...

I saw Feist in VA. It was awesome! I really liked the shadow mistresses interpretations. The fingerpainting of the boat in "The Water" was pretty impressive.