Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Happenings in Happy Valley

Well my friends it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy with a good number of things school, as always, plus it got a little challenging to get back up to speed since I went back to Omaha for a few days for my Grandpa's funeral.

So I figured I'd give a thumbnail version of what I've been up to as of late, besides school.

I am now a part of Divine Comedy now. From unofficial crew member last year, to official crew member, to according to a web site management error, cast member. But in reality I'm on the crew and having a fabulous time.

Also Sarah, my roommate, got Jamie (my other roommate) and I hooked on Veronica Mars. We just finished watching season 1 last night. SO GOOD!

My new favorite musical artist as of now is Mika. You can check out the first song I fell in love with here and if you are up for a second go here.

I also just found this blog which is really quite homourous. It consists of overheard converstations in San Francisco.

Oh! I also got a new bike! It's a 26" Triax Blade Mountain Bike. Unfortunately, I've had some challenges with it though. While on my first ride my new bike lock somehow reset itself. So when I locked it up no one in the world knew what the combination was including myself. After a friend decided to finally get those bolt cutters he's been wanting to get, we set my bike free by cutting the lock. Then only a few short days later, I went on a bike ride and went through a field of grass. A few blocks later I got off of my bike to cross a busier street and heard "psssssssssssss" both of my tires were flat. Unbeknown st to me the field of grass was full of sharp stickers. After I returned back to Provo, Peter, a nice young man in my ward offered to patch my tires. A few hours later after he returned the bike to me the front tire was flat again. Peter took a second stab at patching it and the next day when Sarah and I were running late to Divine Comedy auditions my front tire was flat again. Finally, I asked Peter how much a new inner tube cost. After finding out there were less than $5 I said let's just get a new inner tube. Peter put the new tube in and FINALLY it's as good as new.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A new "Sundae" on Sunday

Today was the first day of church for the new semester, having moved back into the apartment that I was in last year there were a good number of people who were in the ward last year. But also many new faces. After meeting new people at ward prayer and at the festivities despues de ward prayer, I came up with an analogy about the ward...involving ice cream sundaes.

The people who are returning to the ward are like the ice cream of the sundae, you know it's good, you're comfortable with the ice cream and enjoy it.

The new people to the ward are the various toppings. That give the the sundae a little punch and make it unique. You may not have tried a sundae with a 100 grand bar, hazelnuts and drizzled carmel, but it looks to be a winning combination.