Sunday, May 25, 2008

America's Favorite Past-time

That's right baseball, better yet, Yankee baseball. I had the lucky opportunity to go to TWO Yankee games this week.

Wednesday- Orioles vs. Yankees

If you would have asked me Wednesday morning what I was doing that night I would have said "I'm going to Amateur Night at the Apollo." Although I still want to do this I was given an offer I couldn't refuse. While at work a friend e-mailed me asking if I wanted to go to a Yankees game tonight for free. I said, YES. A girl in my Relief Society presidency had four tickets to the game from work, and she thought they were for next week but she actually couldn't use them tonight. So Allison, Kaitlyn, Jared and I went to the game. It was a bit colder, about 60 degrees. Thankfully I checked the weather and knowing my tendency to be cold I layered up.

Coming into the game the Yankees had lost there last 4, with the previous night's score against the Orioles being 12-2, Orioles. So with that in mind I was so pleased to have the Yankees win 8-0! A-Rod hit two home runs, but was robbed of one of them because of some net thing. I was also pleased to see Joba Chamberlain, a Nebraska alumni pitch. He did a great job! I ended up buying one of my first souvenirs in the form of a Joba Yankees shirt.

Saturday- Mariners vs. Yankees

I almost didn't go to this game, not because I didn't want to. I had been going in and out of waves of feeling sick starting Thursday afternoon. I felt fine during the day at work but Friday night, let's just say it was bad. So I told Eric in the morning that I had been sick last night and to see if we could try to sell the tickets to someone else. After keeping some cereal down and actually feeling better after eating and having no success in selling the tickets, Eric and I went to the game. Thankfully, I was completely fine at the game and for the rest of the day.

The Yankees had a great game. The offense was fantastic, Giambi and Abrera each had a home run helping add to the total of 16 hits. Joba also made another appearance he is making his transition from closer to starter. He pitched for two scoreless innings (6th and 7th). All this helped form the 12-6 win against the Mariners. It was also a beautiful day, in the low 70s, partly cloudy skies. You couldn't ask for better baseball weather.

Sometimes I forget about how much I enjoy sports until I attend or play them after a long respite. In some ways I feel myself going back to my elementary school days where I was glued to Sportcenter. Now I find myself checking the Yankee's stats and rankings. I really believe sports can be a great thing, in moderation, of course.

Now, just because I can hardly go an entry where I don't talk about food...

I must tell you where to get the best slice of New York style pizza that I've had thus far. It's about a block or two away from the stadium on 161st St. right before Walton Ave. It's the one on the side of the street farther from the stadium (I specify because there is a pizza place on the exact opposite side of the street). It is so good and only $2.50 a slice. I ate it before the game on Wednesday and had to come back again and Eric and I ate there after the game on Saturday.

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Ronnie said...

I find it funny that all your Yankee's games have been against my home teams. You just need to go to a Yankee's vs. Phillies game and you're good to go. I think they might be in different leagues.