Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mmmm's: The MoMA and Mamma Mia

Friday night, the BYU Comms intern met at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). On Fridays from 4-8 p.m. admission is free. What an amazing museum, I got there at 6 p.m. and I barely covered 1/6th of the place. I'm going back for sure. The portion of the museum I saw was the special exhibits. The 6th floor explored the color wheel and the second section was titled "Design and the Elastic Mind." It was very cool, a lot of it was very future oriented. It was very interesting. But my favorite part of the exhibit was the"Take Your Time"exhibit, by Olafur Eliasson (he's Icelandic, more proof that awesomeness comes from Iceland). This exhibit was really fantastic. The program states the exhibit is probes "the cognitive aspects of what it means to see." Bottom-line: it was awesome and inspired me to take some photos. I've provide descriptions, with help from the program on each exhibit pictured.

The first picture, and the display in which I knew I was going to enjoy this exhibit, is in a dark room filled with fog, with the beams of the 24 spotlights are oriented to articulate one cubic meter of space.

The next four photos were from the "360 degree room for all colours," It was a panoramic room that immersed you in the color spectrum. (I loved this room!)

This next picture is of the "Negative quasi brick wall." Stainless steel with mirrored interiors are stacked in six different positions to create a reflective and kaleidoscope wall.

The last picture is of me inside of "Room for one colour." The room was solely illuminated by monochromatic bulbs which emit light at such a narrow frequency that they affect your normal color perception, making everything in the room appear in shades of yellow or black.

Next fun thing, but first a bit of how we got there...

Last Wednesday I went on a search down 50th street to find flip flops and hangers. While on my adventure I came across the Winter Garden Theatre, which is where "Mamma Mia" is showing. I popped in to determine if they had any student discounts, a lottery, a rush or any other kind of discounts for tickets. I found out that they have unobstructed standing room tickets available for $21.50. Late Saturday afternoon, while Kaitlyn and I were on the subway heading to 34th street to get some flip-flops at Old Navy, I suggested we see if "Mamma Mia" had any standing room tickets for the night. After some shopping at Old Navy until the standing room tickets went on sale we got them!

Mamma Mia is such a fun show! I enjoy Abba music, and have heard more than the casual observer my age, partially because of Sarah's almost "12 days of Abba." The music is really great and the actors were very good. We had two stand-ins that night, for Tanya, one of Donna's (the mother) friends and Sam Carmichael, one of the potential Dads. I must say that Tanya, Lori Haley Fox, was SOOO funny. Her character is funny, but she elevated it. It was great! The actor playing Sam, Brent Black, did a good job, he wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but I could see where he was a stand in. I was probably the most impressed with Carolee Carmello, the actress playing Donna. She had a great voice and did a great job of conveying her character's emotions. I was also a fan of Donna's daughter, Sophie Anderson, played by Carey Anderson. I would say although not my favorite song, the best choreographed and overall impressive song/scene was the "Money, Money, Money." I also really liked, "Knowing Me, Knowing You."


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