Sunday, October 7, 2007

It comes but twice a year...

If you would have asked me how my weekend was going to go Friday morning it would have been quite a different than how it went. Luckily it went BETTER!

Friday afternoon, Nicole calls me and says Brittany is in Provo and Ben is coming in that evening! It was so much fun hanging out with them again, it's been awhile since all of us were in the same place to play. At the end of the night it turned out that they had an extra ticket for the morning session of General Conference!

Then in between the morning and afternoon session Ben got tickets to the afternoon session! We also ran into Sister Fokken, (who is serving at temple square) a girl from my home stake who I've been friends with for like 8 years.

I think my favorite part of conference was when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang I Believe in Christ during the morning session. It's in my top five of favorite hymns. I also really enjoyed Elder Ballard's and Elder Teh's talk.

Not only was I spiritually fed, but I ate well today too! After our apartment watched conference from the comfort of our own apartment. Our hometeacher fed us lunch, then following the afternoon session Sarah and I had our now traditional (because we've done it more than once) General Conference dinner get together. Sarah made Pozole and helped me with an experimental mac and cheese.
We Eat Like Kings!
Good Weekend.

On an unrelated note, I've made a new blog of reviews of "The Last Movie I Saw." Check it out.


Beckee and Wes said...

What a great weekend! It is awesome to see all your pictures full of familiar faces!

Sarah said...

T-Moze! That is so neat that you got to go and see conference, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Eat lots of pumpkin and other fabulous fall foods for me!

Sarah J said...

Lucky (in a Napoleon voice). Actually, I would kill to see MoTab. Yes, kill. then I would go to hell but it just might be worth it.