Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The ABCs of Tomoser's current life

Accounting 200. Blech!
Black Bean Soup
Chris Koza, who didn't show up for his concert in SLC on Monday
Dance party in SLC library parking garage, in lieu of no above listed concert
Embarrassment from open windows
Forever 21, my first trip last week...a new love
GAP, where I bought my fantastic new jeans
Ice Breaker, the most important speed on Hamilton (my blender) for my virgin drinks
Jon, who has taught me a refresher course in driving stick, brought candy for Halloween and may just be the best hometeacher ever
Korea, rather a letter from Elder Grant serving in Korea
Law school surveys for Comms 318
Maestro's...mmmm gelato
New York City Internship Application
Opposition in all things
Pumpkin Cookies
Range we got a new range (stove/oven)
Springhaven this weekend!
Toenail split in half from overenthusiastic snapping of fingers while dancing
Upwords, from the makers of Scrabble
Veronica Mars
W.I.N.C. Witches In Nature's Colors (wink)
X-Ray, I haven't had one in over a year
Yogurt, I've expanded the varieties I purchase
Zurchers, first trip yesterday (Nobbies in Omaha is better)


Sarah said...

T-Moze! I love the ABCs of your life and it was amazing how much I can learn about what you are up to from it! Eat a ton of pumpkin cookies for me and I love gap jeans too!

Sarah J said...

"T" hilarious!! I can just picture it. Really? I loved the Holiday. Maybe being a parent contributes to my thinking that Jude Law is ADORABLE as are his kids. But, yes, I fastforward the Jack Black scenes because they are just kinda bla.