Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Happenings in Happy Valley

Well my friends it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy with a good number of things school, as always, plus it got a little challenging to get back up to speed since I went back to Omaha for a few days for my Grandpa's funeral.

So I figured I'd give a thumbnail version of what I've been up to as of late, besides school.

I am now a part of Divine Comedy now. From unofficial crew member last year, to official crew member, to according to a web site management error, cast member. But in reality I'm on the crew and having a fabulous time.

Also Sarah, my roommate, got Jamie (my other roommate) and I hooked on Veronica Mars. We just finished watching season 1 last night. SO GOOD!

My new favorite musical artist as of now is Mika. You can check out the first song I fell in love with here and if you are up for a second go here.

I also just found this blog which is really quite homourous. It consists of overheard converstations in San Francisco.

Oh! I also got a new bike! It's a 26" Triax Blade Mountain Bike. Unfortunately, I've had some challenges with it though. While on my first ride my new bike lock somehow reset itself. So when I locked it up no one in the world knew what the combination was including myself. After a friend decided to finally get those bolt cutters he's been wanting to get, we set my bike free by cutting the lock. Then only a few short days later, I went on a bike ride and went through a field of grass. A few blocks later I got off of my bike to cross a busier street and heard "psssssssssssss" both of my tires were flat. Unbeknown st to me the field of grass was full of sharp stickers. After I returned back to Provo, Peter, a nice young man in my ward offered to patch my tires. A few hours later after he returned the bike to me the front tire was flat again. Peter took a second stab at patching it and the next day when Sarah and I were running late to Divine Comedy auditions my front tire was flat again. Finally, I asked Peter how much a new inner tube cost. After finding out there were less than $5 I said let's just get a new inner tube. Peter put the new tube in and FINALLY it's as good as new.


Sarah J said...

Yes, "bike trouble" indeed. I like the fact that not only you did you have any idea there were stickers in the field, but that you probably didn't know sticker would pop a tire. You fill in the blank - "Stickers are to a bike tire as what pebbles are to a ___ tire." funny

Sarah J said...

oh ya, and about "Across the Universe"
how did you see an R movie and was it any good. You should give verdicts underneath the movies you watch. I'm always looking for a good rental.

Sarah J said...

thank you for taking my suggestion. I love reviews.