Monday, March 17, 2008

I am my Mother's Daughter

This one's for you Mom.

At home at the close of dinner when everyone else is shuffling putting dishes in the dishwasher, my mother has a moment to shine...

...with Tupperware spatial relations.

If I try to put the leftover food away, she'll watch closely to ensure I get the correct size of Tupperware container. If my choice looks dismal my mother will stop me, get a different Tupperware container out and the food fits perfectly to the brim of the container. After the last few drops of whatever our family had just consumed slides into the container, my mother proudly states, "I'm great with spatial relations."

Today I had a personal success with Tupperware spatial relations. (Okay actually it was Gladware, I'm a college student, give me a break.) After making Lentil soup for Adam, who wasn't feeling well, I had to put the remaining soup in a container. I looked for the biggest Gladware container we had, I found the lid but no success in finding the actual container. After examining the lid, I concluded that the particular container I was searching for would be far too large. I examined the rest of the containers and grabbed one. To my satisfaction the lentils lined the brim of the container with just enough room for the lid to seal perfectly.

As I put it into the fridge I thought, perhaps I'm great at spatial relations.

Mother would be proud.


Ronnie said...

I am adoring you spatial relations skills right now. Impressive. Beautiful. Hooray for lentil soup.

Beckee and Wes said...

I am sure your mom is proud-I know I am!

Beckee and Wes said...
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