Monday, October 11, 2010

Grateful for those who Make a Difference

There are certain people in our lives who played an important part in our lives. Sometimes they don't even know the impact that they had. For an overheated missionary in Mesa, Arizona, in 2009 -- James was that for me.

18 July 2009, James, Sis. Farnsworth and Sis. Tomoser

Although I was teaching him about the gospel of Jesus Christ, he taught me a lesson in faith. A lesson that continues today.

Last week James came up to Salt Lake City to attend General Conference. It was a privilege to witness him take in the joy, spirit and awe that comes with attending a session of conference.

2 October 2010, James and I

I became the pupil again as James updated me on his life and his actions of humble faith became clear, yet again. Since last Saturday I've been able to put my life in perspective again. It has made all the difference.

I'm grateful for those people who make a difference in our lives.

2 October 2010, Myself, James and Michelle after post-conference dinner

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