Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recalling Rosenblatt

At an Omaha Royals game from the press box courtesy of a client while working at Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc.

As the reign of Rosenblatt stadium comes to an end this summer, Hannah Karp from the Wall Street Journal submitted a query, through HARO, for their favorite Rosenblatt memories. I couldn't resist the opportunity as an Omaha native and College World Series fan to submit my favorite memory. Although it wasn't published I enjoyed writing something outside of work and about a happy memory with my dad.


Just recently my dad revealed he took me to my first College World Series game because he felt sorry for me. It was the middle of my softball season and instead of a glove on the end of my left hand, I sported a blue cast all the way up my arm.

We were late for the game, and I can still recall the aluminum “ping” that cut through the air as we made our way to Rosenblatt’s entrance. It was Game 10 of the 1998 College World Series, USC vs. Mississippi State. Our seats were even with the bag on the first baseline about fifteen rows up, just barely in the shade.

Although I can’t remember details of the game I cannot forget the feeling in the stadium. I could easily say it was the thrill of America’s game in the heart of its country. But for an eleven-year-old tomboy, it was the most majestic and breathtaking way for my dad and I to share our love for baseball.

With the final out, I squirmed my way toward the USC dugout. I leaned over with my cast dangling in perfect view, with the hopes of receiving some Trojan sympathy in the form of an autograph. To my dad’s surprise my plan worked and the third baseman, Morgan Ensberg, came my way. He was quick, but sincere in his well wishes for my speedy return to the field. Then we began the trek to the car, whilst I examined my autographed ticket stub, grinning ear-to-ear.

And that’s when it happened – I fell in love with everything about Rosenblatt stadium and the College World Series.

The excitement cannot be contained while waiting to go into a CWS game in 2007.

2007 College World Series Game
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