Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2nd Edition of the ABCs of Tomoser's Current Life

Arizona! - I had an absolute blast being back in the place I love, visiting the people I love with my Mom whom I also love.
Boxes - lots of them. I'm going through all of my pre and post mission stuff for what to take to Utah, toss and store. Who knew I could have so much random stuff?
Cake - I really want to make a cake today.
Devonshire - the apartment complex I will be living in for Spring and Summer in Provo.
Easter Pageant - Even though I served in the Mesa Arizona mission I was able to see the Mesa Easter Pageant for the first time when I visited. It was fun to see all the missionaries working at the pageant and the pageant itself was pretty great.
Films - I'm catching up on the movies I missed, some good (Avatar, Blindside, Julie and Julia) some not so much (Twilight, New Moon) It's crazy I'm averaging about one a day. Any suggestions?
Guacamole - I'm obsessed with making this avocado based dip. Unfortunately there is no one in my family to share this obsession with. :(
Horseback riding - While in Snowflake, Bro. Turley took me out around his ranch. So much fun, I never thought I'd go horseback riding before I went swimming, but I'm not complaining.
Itouch - do I wait until September and get a Macbook with free itouch? Do I just get the itouch? Do I get anything at all? idebate.
Journal - perhaps to compensate for my lack of post mission journaling, I've been typing up my mission journal.
K - 5 of them. I will be running in the Provo City 5K on May 1. I'm super excited and am training for a new PR. Wish me luck!
Lois and Clark - guilty, very guilty of watching some of the third season again.
Marriott School of Management External Relations Department - my new employer. I start in a couple weeks as a public relations writer.
Nicole LeGrow or Hermana LeGrow - my best Omaha friend came home from her mission today!
Omaha is and will forever be my "Homaha."
Phoenix - not only a place I love but also the name of my first pair of Asics running shoes. I LOVE THEM!
Qudditch - for whatever reason that is what first came to my mind when I was invited to play Bocce ball at the Lussiers in Mesa. I was mistaken. But do enjoy bocce ball a lot actually.
Racquetball - while "playing" with my youngest brother we didn't keep score, but he kept track of how many times I whiffed it...12. Oh well.
Sewing - my grandma who is a master of a seamstress taught me how to hem my own clothes. Very handy for a shorter person like myself.
Thai Curry Chicken - I made this sweet curry for my family for the first time. It was tasty!
Underutilized - this describes how I've spent my time since I've gotten home. It's tough going from really busy to nothing. But I'll be back to being employed and a student in a few weeks and embrace this last little "pause" between my mission and official post-mission life.
Vacation - 15 days of March was spent on two separate trips (Utah and Arizona). Both were fantastic and explains how March went so quickly.
Winner! I won in a Yo-yo contest at our Stake Activity "A 100 years in 100 minutes." What did I win? None other than a yo-yo.
eXchanges - while visiting Arizona, one of my old companions' greenie had to go to the hospital. So I was able to go on "exchanges" and be my old companion's "companion" again, in my third area. It was FANTASTIC!
Yogurt - I have a bowl of Dannon All-natural vanilla yogurt with fruit (strawberries or blueberries) and granola almost everyday. It's my ultimate healthy, "I feel good before, during and after I eat it" food.
Zoo - Phoenix Zoo...check! It's more like an experience being a part of an environment that has some animals in it rather than seeing tons of animals.


Sarah said...

How did you win the contest? Do you know yo-yo tricks? This is fascinating to me.

Sarah T. said...

Something you may or may not have known about myself is I went through a yo-yo phase in...middle school.

So yes I do know a few tricks, nothing very impressive. I accredit my victory to the fact that a) I had an awesome costume b) I was the only girl competing c) my family was sitting very close to the judges and when it came time to cheer for the winner they went wild.

Lindsi Michelle said...

I like posts like these because I get to learn a lot about a friend! :)

(fyi- the fact that you called my Lindsikins in your last comment my my day exponentially better!)