Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Rods and Cones of the present

So I've been a bit dormant on this blog. (But not my movie one, check it out.) So I've decided to do a little color game. I will list some colors and put what my first thoughts were with that color.

Yellow: The color of the shirt I wore when I went to Medieval times as a freshmen in high school with my high school band. I told this story yesterday as there is a chance, not a strong chance, but a chance I might be going to Medieval Times again.

Blue: My favorite color. Every semester I buy plain colored folders for each of my classes. I realized today that I always give my PR class the blue folder.

Red: Extremely soft zip-up sweatshirt with a fleece interior. I re-found this piece shortly before Christmas break. It's so warm and comfortable. It really helped me stay warm in my really cold house.

Black: I just learned about black rice. I'd never heard of it before. It looks like black beans. I'm intrigued to try some. Also I think I will be making a batch of Black Bean soup again soon.

Pink: Sarah's footsie pillow. Feet inside of a pillow. Okay, it's pretty much a visual thing. No matter how hard I try to describe it, it's nothing like just examining it.

White: Snow. Lots of it. Also my inhaler, also seeing a lot of it lately.

Green: The carpet.

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